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Sandun Dilruk

August 15, 2022

Sandun Dilruk

Assistant Centre Manager

Coming out of school, I didn’t have any career path in mind. However, I was determined to enjoy every moment of my life as well as make life successful. I consider myself as an extraordinary person in my school. I never thought about getting a good education or even thought about a good career path. Simply, I wasn’t in a position to be able to do any of that on my own. It is then that I got to know about GSS from a classmate and so I applied for the position of Quality Assurance Technician at GSS.

In those days, GSS was a small company located in Koswatta and my role was image capturing. But that office soon turned out to be my happy living place. It was more than a workplace. Even though I didn’t have any plan to continue my career at GSS, the organizational culture provided me with the support necessary for a good career path. There was a real sense of accomplishment when everyone did well. There were also good opportunities for school leavers & freshers to develop. Soon I figured out that all my school time experience and skills, combined with my job role would make me a good career path in the company. As a result of my dedicated work, I got promoted from Quality Assurance Technician to Team Lead and then Assistant Supervisor to Supervisor. This year I was promoted to management as Assistant Centre Manager.

Soon I found myself participating in every decision-making forum on engagement activities and events such as the Mercantile Gaming competitions, E-sports, New Year events, Christmas celebrations, Annual Get Togethers, Etc. So, I am an enthusiastic, fortunate and proud employee – happy to be a part of the winning team member at GSS.

Throughout my journey at GSS, I saw every assignment and role as a challenge. Over time, along with my move to a better position in my career, I was also able to devote time towards my educational activities and now qualified with a master’s degree from the University of Gloucestershire in the UK.

I have a deep satisfaction with my career achievements which have far exceeded my expectations.

So, to all the new guys here at GSS, I say – Challenge yourself. Adapt. Help others and succeed.


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