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Vishmitha Prabhashwara

October 17, 2022

Vishmitha Prabhashwara

Regional Operations Manager – AMER

During my school days, I had the best moments of my life. Being a rugby player is the proudest achievement of my school career. At that time, I always dreamt of playing rugby as my professional career and never had other lifetime plans or aspirations. I was always hanging around with classmates doing extracurricular activities as I was not very good in academics.

Having done my Advance Level Examinations, it was not an easy task to become a full-time sportsman, given the Sri Lankan situation and the society around me. Therefore, I started looking out for a job. Having heard about GSS from a friend, I joined the company as a Quality Assurance Technician in 2014.

GSS was a learning center for me. As a fresher, I never had any working experience in a corporate company. Soon I understood that our network at GSS was not limited to the company in Sri Lanka but that it extended throughout the world. I enjoyed collaborating with the other group clients and learned how I could really work together to achieve a common goal.

The best thing about my work is that I work with a great team. I have seen them with superhuman effort in tricky situations. I also find exchanging experiences with colleagues from different parts of the group very exciting. As a result of that, I was privileged to be promoted to Team Leader within one year and an Operations Supervisor during the second year of my career life.

As a Training Supervisor, I got a chance to share my knowledge with colleagues and juniors, which I had gathered from my tenure in the operations department. Flexibility is the key to making any task work. What I like most about my company is that it develops, changes, and grows continuously. The feeling of building something completely new, of creating something that helps others and having a big impact on the overall picture, is incredible.

In 2018 I was promoted to Regional Coordinator which gave me the opportunity to deal with the coordinating aspect of projects and soon was upgraded to Assistant Centre Manager of our Kurunegala Branch. This involved overall responsibilities for the entire operations of the branch. My career progression has now brought me to the position of Regional Operations Manager for the American region.

The learning that I have acquired about the company and its operations and the career progress I have enjoyed have given me a lot of confidence and trust in my capabilities. Now I am also giving some time to achieve my academic targets of completing my advanced diploma at the NIBM and the master’s degree at IDM.

So, I believe I am yet to discover more of the best moments in my career life as I am fortunate enough to be developing both my career and education as well as taking an active role in the extracurricular activities of the company, even forming our own rugger team that participated at the Mercantile 7’s this year. I have now succeeded in replicating my school career life which gave me so much of joy in the company. Thanks to GSS.

  1. Kushan randula

    Great 👍 congratulations 💪💪

  2. Damitha liyanage

    One of my best friend vishmitha a true leader..when he needs to achieve goals,no matter how long for it he suceed that type of a guy he was..i giving my regards to vismitha all the best machan go far you can all the best cheers😍✌️


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